Reboot Restore Rx Pro 12.5 Free Download Full

Download Reboot Restore Rx Pro 12 free – Software that works to restore the system to its pristine state automatically upon startup or restart.

Reboot Restore Rx Pro Overview

Reboot Restore Rx Professional is software that can protect your computer from virus threats and protect windows system settings that can change at any time for example; if there are other users using your computer and installing software, changing the windows system and so on then when your computer is restarted and at that time your computer settings are reset to the settings you set before. This program is very useful for public places such as schools, internet cafes, and other public spaces that are often used by many people. So, if you want to feel at ease without having to worry about system damage when used together with many people, then Reboot Restore Rx Pro is the right choice!

Features of Reboot Restore Rx Pro Full

  • Reboot on Restore: Instantly reset to baseline on startup or hard reset.
  • One-Click Instant Update: Update the baseline without restarting your computer.
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost: Drastically reduces computer maintenance, and can be used to protect tier one public access computing environments.

Reboot Restore Rx Pro Features

  • VMWare Support
  • Protects theMBR
  • Mini OS Access
  • Access Control & Data Security
  • Stealth Mode
  • Restore On Any Schedule
  • Remote Management
  • Back Out From Baseline Update
  • Automate Updates
  • Drive Exclusion / Registry Exclusion

This software has the same functions and uses as the two programs below;



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Reboot Restore Rx Pro 12.5 Free Download Full

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