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Gamers must know about this one program, Cheat engine is an application that is usually often used to change the value of a game that was previously normal to be not the same as before. For example, if in a game, friends often have trouble finding money, by using this cheat engine, your friend’s money which was previously only 1000, you can change it to 1 million, 1m, unlimited anyway.

This is the last version that has been made and there has been no change until now. So, are you interested in trying? Friend can download the link from the Admin provided.

Cheat Engine Features

  • Memory Scanning: Cheat Engine allows users to scan computer memory to find certain values that they want to modify, such as the amount of money in a game.
  • Debugger: Users can use the debugger to study and analyze how the program works, and make appropriate modifications in memory.
  • Trainer Creator: Cheat Engine provides a feature to create trainers for specific games. It allows users to create customized trainers that can modify in-game values and provide a better experience.
  • Speedhack: The speedhack feature allows users to speed up or slow down time in the game, helping users speed up game performance or see how the game changes under various time conditions.
  • Disassembler: Disassembler allows users to view the actual machine code of the program, which is useful for understanding and analyzing how the program works.
  • Memory Viewer: Memory viewer allows users to view the contents of memory at a specific point in the program, and allows users to make modifications directly.
  • Cheat Tables: Cheat tables are collections of code that are stored in files and can be loaded into the Cheat Engine. This allows users to quickly modify the game by changing values in the game.
  • Lua Scripting: Cheat Engine supports the Lua scripting language, which allows users to add new functionality and make more complex modifications.
  • Tracing: The tracing feature allows users to track the code being executed and learn how the program interacts with memory and other resources.
  • Save/Load State: Cheat Engine allows users to save and load specific game states. This allows users to take a point in the game and modify it without having to start from scratch.


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Cheat Engine 7.5 Free Download Full

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