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Teorex PhotoStitcher merupakan sebuah software yang dapat secara otomatis menggabungkan foto yang tumpang tindih untuk menghasilkan gambar panorama yang sempurna hanya dengan beberapa langkah mudah dan sederhana.

Features of Teorex PhotoStitcher

Automatically Stitch your Photos to Panorama
Does creating a perfect panorama require professional skills and a high-end camera? Not, necessarily. With PhotoStitcher you can stitch multiple photos into a picturesque panoramic image. The program smoothly combines photos of different resolutions, different shooting angles and even different perspectives into one perfectly aligned panorama depicting breath-taking landscapes, monumental churches or skyscraping mountains that are so hard to fit into one frame.

Scan Oversized Images in Pieces and Stitch them Together Using PhotoStitcher
Need to scan something that’s larger than your scanner’s window? You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a large format scanner.

Shoot overlapping photos and PhotoStitcher stitches them all
Ensure that each photo has about 30-50% overlap with all other adjacent photograph. Sometimes one standard size photo is simply not enough to capture the magnificence of a certain landscape. A horizontal panorama would better reflect the beauty of seashore, while a vertical panoramic image would catch a wonderful mountain view in its full splendor. PhotoStitcher helps you create nice panoramic images from individual overlapping photos in case you missed the opportunity to take a panoramic shot and only have scattered photos with varying perspective, angle and zoom

Create perfect panoramas in one click
Making a really nice panoramic photo of a city usually requires a wide-angle camera. Typical non-professional lenses simply cannot capture the entire view in one frame. However if you aren’t a lucky owner of a professional camera and photographic skills you still can create perfect panoramas from scattered images of the same place. PhotoStitcher automatically aligns individual pictures stitching them one by one into an eye-catching professionally-looking panorama!

Automatic Image Completion
Merging photos into a panorama often leads to unsightly empty areas on the final stitched image. PhotoStitcher can add missing pixels around the edges of panoramas, enabling smooth boundaries for partial or incomplete images

Top Reasons to use PhotoStitcher
– Works with any arrangement of overlapping photos taken from a single location
– Accelerated stitching on multiple CPU cores.
– Automatic cropping to maximum image area.
– Automatic exposure blending.
– Automatically stitch scanned images into a large picture.
– Choice of planar, cylindrical, stereographic, orthographic, Mercator, or spherical projection.
– Simple and intuitive interface. Just select images and click “Stitch”
– Merge multiple microscope images into a single picture
– Automatically Stitch Satellite Google Earth Images
– Easy to get use & started
– Native support for 64-bit operating systems.
– Automatic image completion
– State of the art stitching engine.
– Completely non-technical

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Teorex PhotoStitcher v3.0 Free Download Full

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