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StableBit CloudDrive adalah software yang dikembangkan agar dapat berfungsi sebagai virtual hard drive dari drive cloud anda seperti; Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon, Dropbox, dan lain-lain. Ini sangat membantu agar anda tidak perlu susah-susah lagi mengakses cloud drive anda melalui browser tetapi langsung dari desktop anda secara langsung.

Features of StableBit CloudDrive

Hierarchical Pooling

  • Create storage pools from other storage pools.
  • Add a new pool to an existing pool, just like a regular drive.
  • Specify separate folder duplication and file placement rules at each point in the pooling hierarchy.
  • With StableBit CloudDrive, combine multiple cloud storage providers into one large encrypted pool. *
  • Create local / cloud hybrid pools where some of your data is stored locally and some of it is stored in the cloud.

Per Folder Balancing

  • Easily designate which disks will be used to store files in any folder on the pool.
  • Add advanced file pattern matching rules for more control.
  • Seamlessly extends the existing balancing system with automatic conflict resolution.
  • Super fast kernel based implementation.

Remote Control

  • Easily connect to any other copy of StableBit DrivePool running on your LAN in order to manage your pools.
  • Fully secure using standard Kerberos Windows Authentication.

Email Notifications

  • Instantly get notified if any of your disks drop out of the pool.
  • If you have the StableBit Scanner installed, you will also get the model, serial number, case and bay of the drive that dropped out (as configured in the StableBit Scanner). *
  • We use Amazon cloud services to dispatch the emails, so there are no email servers to configure. Just enter your email address and you’re all set.

Multiple Pool Support

  • Easily create more than one pool by adding a disk to a new pool.
  • Each pool spawns a new virtual drive on the computer.
  • All pool related settings, including balancing settings, are configurable individually per pool.
  • Minimalistic UI. If you don’t need multiple pools, you don’t have to manage them.

Control File Placement and Organization

  • A flexible and extensible file balancing framework with multiple balancing algorithms interacting together to build one balancing model.
  • A high performance system that determines the balancing needs in real-time.
  • Tweak and tune real-time file placement and background balancing with fine-grained control using the Balancing Settings window.
  • Install 3rd party balancing plug-ins or write your own (in .NET 4.0).

StableBit Scanner Integration *

  • Transparently evacuates your pooled files from any drive part of the pool at the first sign of damage.
  • Controls real-time file placement to avoid overusing overheating drives.

Easily Add and Remove Disks of Any Size at Any Time

  • Adding an already formatted NTFS (or ReFS) volume is nearly instantaneous.
  • Adding a RAW unformatted disk will format it with NTFS and add it to the pool. This can take a minute or so.
  • Removing a disk from the pool moves all the existing pooled files on it to another disk in the pool.

No Limits

  • Any sized disk can be added to the pool.
  • Add as many disks to the pool as you want. There are no limits.
  • The maximum pool size is virtually unlimited*. The 16TB NTFS limit does not apply to the maximum size of the pool.

No Need to Reformat the Disks to Add Them to the Pool

  • Any simple* formatted volume can be added to the pool instantly, without erasing or altering the existing data on it.
  • The combined free space of all the pooled disks contribute to the total size of the pool.

Pooled Disks Can Continue to Store Non-Pooled Data

  • You can continue to use any disk added to the pool, just like you did before it was part of the pool.
  • Pooled disks will continue to be exposed as a separate drive, just as they were before, and can contain non-pooled data.
  • Disk and file I/O is not filtered or altered in any way by StableBit DrivePool when you access any pooled disk directly.
  • Essentially, nothing is altered about the disk when it becomes part of the pool, aside from it now being able to store pooled files.

Pooled Data is Stored in Standard NTFS Files

  • All your data is stored in standard NTFS files on each individual disk in the pool. The data is simply stored in a hidden folder under the root directory. *
  • This means that if something goes wrong with your computer, you can simply connect any of the pooled drives to a different PC to gain full access to the pooled files stored on that drive. No need to install StableBit DrivePool or anything else to access your original data.
  • No databases are involved, no special RAID like formatting is involved that requires the original software / hardware to function, just plain NTFS that is compatible with virtually all computers.

Easy and Flexible File Duplication

  • You can enable or disable file duplication on any existing folder.
  • Existing files are duplicated in the background.
  • Any future changes to duplicated files are applied in real-time*, in parallel, to multiple disks at the same time.
  • With real-time duplication, there is no need for periodic duplication in the background. File are duplicated in real-time.
  • Background duplication only runs when you make an administrative change (such as changing the duplication level of a folder) or when a problem is detected, avoiding unnecessary disk activity.
  • Files are never locked by duplication at any time. This means that other programs can continue to use the pool even while existing files are being duplicated.

Efficient File Balancing

  • By monitoring file usage in real-time, a finely tuned file balancing algorithm only balances the pool when it is absolutely necessary.
  • An efficient algorithm quickly selects which files need to be re-balanced.
  • Balancing never locks any files, and so it never interferes with other applications using the pool at the time.
  • Balancing doesn’t interfere with other disk I/O, by utilizing Background I/O disk scheduling.


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StableBit CloudDrive v1.1.5.1249 Download Full

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