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By | Desember 30, 2019
Remo Duplicate File Remover

Remo Duplicate File Remover yaitu aplikasi untuk mengindentifikasi file duplikat di PC anda kemudian menghapusnya agar lebih menghemat ruang penggunaan hard drive anda. Aplikasi Remo Duplicate File Remover ini dapat digunakan untuk membandingkan folder dan mengidentifikasi file yang sama.

Features of Remo Duplicate File Remover

Finds and deletes duplicate files
Designed with highly perceptive scan algorithm Remo Duplicate file remover clearly differentiates between the versions of your documents and the exact duplicates. Hence you need not worry about deletion of older or newer versions of the same document. Joyfully delete duplicate Google Sheets, documents, compressed files, PDF’s etc.

Removes duplicate photos
All your images from camera, computer, email attachments including the ones shared with you by other Google drive users get stocked in Google Drive. Remo Duplicate File Remover finds and deletes duplicate photos littered across your storage space, giving a fresh new look to your photo collection.

Boost up your media collection
If your are wondering how to make space for new songs or videos on your cloud or Android phone, quickly scan and remove duplicate video files or audio files using Remo Duplicate File Remover. Expand your collection now using this duplicate music file remover.

Gives preview of duplicate files found
With Remo Duplicate File Remover you can carefully inspect the duplicates displayed in the form of sets and mark the desired duplicate file to delete. Use various filtering and sorting options to meticulously refine your duplicate file search.

Displays the number of duplicates found and the space occupied
Gives you information before hand, about the number of duplicate sets found including the respective file sizes that are marked for deletion

Download Remo Duplicate File Remover Full for PC

Author: Ahmad Khoirul Umam

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