Numerology Rediscover Yourself v3.3.0 Full

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Discover the hidden meaning behind numbers with our Numerology app – your guide to self-discovery and personal growth.

Numerology is based on numbers and information obtained from your date of birth that helps you gain a better understanding of yourself, your talents, virtues and shortcomings.

Your Life Path Number represents the path you will take in this life. This is the single most important element in your numerology chart and should be given the most attention. Life Path Numbers describe our life purpose – the main lessons we choose to learn during this lifetime.

Your Expression (or Destiny) number is the second most important number in your chart. It describes your natural talents, skills and potential. This is a gift that we must use in the best way as we move along our life path.

Your Soul’s Urge (or Heart’s Desire) number describes your inner needs and urges. It’s a subtle number and its nature is not always visible from the outside. It tells us what we must give to our souls in order for them to be happy and satisfied.

Attitude Numbers describe our attitudes, the characteristics we know. It gives us strength and encourages us to overcome many life circumstances in an easier or more difficult way. If something is wrong in your life, first look at this number and try to match it with your potential attitude number.

Our birthday number, or our spiritual or talent number, helps us see what talents, abilities and other skills we have. This number has the greatest impact when we are in our most active years of life (25 to 55 years).

The Maturity Number refers to the period of maturity and describes what awaits us later in life.

Personality Number shows what kind of self-image you present to the world. We often consciously (sometimes subconsciously) decide how to present ourselves to the world – what to hide, and what to show. Therefore, this number does not describe us, but what we see from the outside and how others perceive us.

Personal year, personal month and personal day are explained in a numerology forecast chart, also known as Numeroscope (horoscope in astrology). Numerological forecast charts, as well as astrological horoscopes, will give you a forecast of events for a specific year, month and day. Although Numerology provides a lot of information, it is not possible to predict what kind of choices a person will make in life, nor can we determine for sure whether his life will be completed positively or negatively. Numeroscopes, like horoscopes, provide guidance and advice, and it’s up to you whether you follow them.

Comparative analysis of partners, or synastry, tells about the compatibility of partners. The synastry chart is based on date of birth. This comparative analysis does not have to be for emotional couples, it can also be applied to work and friendships, as well as other relationships.

Daily affirmations, as a very powerful tool, aim to make our days easier and encourage us on the path to achieving our goals. Inspirational messages and affirmations for each day are carefully selected and in line with the personal day.

Crystals, gems or semi-precious stones have been used since ancient times for their beneficial energies. The numerology app contains crystal recommendations for each life path/personal number, as well as recommendations for the personal year. Crystals help us raise our energy and vibration, providing happiness, abundance, protection and wisdom.

How you live your life depends on you, while the Numerology app is here to guide you to a better, happier, and more fulfilling life.

The numerology app generates free western Pythagorean numerology charts and supports mobile phones and tablets. This app can also be used as a numerology calculator.



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Numerology Rediscover Yourself v3.3.0 Full

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