Enhance it – Fix your photos v4.0.0 Full

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“Enhance it” is an application that uses artificial intelligence to automatically repair defects in photos, restore them and improve their quality. A wide variety of AI-based tools are available for any specific problem you may need to fix. Your images will be clear and beautiful as if edited by a professional photographer!

Do you find those old photos and realize they are damaged and low quality? Memories shouldn’t lose quality, but luckily “Enhance it” can fix that! This will restore it by removing noise, improving illumination and color, and better defining images, especially people. Your images will be crisp, clear and beautiful, as if you had taken them with a state-of-the-art camera. It looks magical, but it’s AI.

Is the photo you took at a special moment blurry? Usually, blurry images are completely useless, and that’s a shame. But with our app, blur is no longer a problem. Our app will unblur your images and make them look clear and sharp, as if they were taken by a statue.

Does the party picture come out noisy? “Enhance it” to the rescue! Often removing noise in an image means losing detail or definition. But our artificial intelligence will clean your images and remove all noise and grain from them without blurring any details. The perfect balance of sharpness and clarity.

Did you recover those photos from your old phone, but the resolution is very low? Pictures and memories are sometimes taken with low-resolution cameras. But “Enhance it” is able to enhance any image without losing maximum detail and quality. Your photos will be perfect, as if they were taken in high resolution. Even in 4K thanks to AI!

Some pictures are simply taken in the wrong light conditions. With our advanced technology, you can brighten photos that are too dark in a natural way. No one will see that the image is dark.

“Enhance it” is not just about fixing photography problems. It can also improve the quality of your images, making them look truly spectacular. Sometimes the image is pale and sometimes it looks good, but you just want more vibrant, intense and cool colors. Our technology can do all this, in a completely automated way. Your images will be edited professionally, but for free! And faster!

Do you have old family photos in black and white that you want to keep? You can restore your images to improve their quality and definition. Additionally, you can take old black and white photos and automatically color them. Our app can guess the colors of real scenes and apply them to photos in an instant. Make your old memories and family photos more vivid and close to you than ever.

To enjoy this amazing feature, you just need to select the tools you need and the images you want to enhance in your gallery and “Enhance it” will make them perfect in an instant. You don’t need to configure anything, and you can even combine tools to fix all the problems in your photos. Repair your images, restore and perfect them. Easy, fast and effective. The solution you’ve been looking for for your photos, in two taps!

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Are you ready to use the latest AI technology to go from old, blurry, or poor quality photos to enhanced, repaired, and restored photos with the best quality and resolution? Then you are ready to “Enhance it”



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Enhance it – Fix your photos v4.0.0 Full

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