Devart Entity Developer Pro v6.6.872 Download Full

Download Devart Entity Developer: The Best Solution to Build and Manage Your Database

Devart Entity Developer is a very useful software for building and managing databases. Using this software, you can easily design a new database model. It allows you to select a suitable database and perform proper file browsing, as well as test connections.

Why Choose Devart Entity Developer?

  • Build Efficient Database Models: Devart Entity Developer allows you to design database models easily and efficiently. You can organize tables, columns, relations, and indexes quickly and intuitively. This helps you build an optimized database structure for your data access needs.
  • Support for Various Database Platforms: The software is compatible with various leading database platforms, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many others. Thus, you can easily integrate Entity Developer with the database server you are using.
  • Easier Database Development: Devart Entity Developer provides an efficient development environment for database administrators and developers. You can create and edit NHibernate, LinqConnect, entity framework, and LINQ to SQL models with ease. This helps speed up your database development process.

Key Features of Devart Entity Developer

  • Table Mapping and Splitting: The software helps you with various table mappings and splits. You can easily set up relationships between tables, manage dependencies, and optimize your database structure.
  • Integrated Model Explorer: There is a Model Explorer section located on the left of the program, which provides a complete view of the existing classes, inheritance, broken procedures, tables, and constraints. This makes it easy to navigate and monitor your database structure.
  • Easy and Intuitive Usage: Devart Entity Developer provides a simple and intuitive user interface. You can easily add new classes, drag them to the main window, and create new properties with a handy right-click menu.

In conclusion, Devart Entity Developer is the best solution for building and managing databases. With superior features, such as the ability to design database models, support for various database platforms, and an efficient development environment, this software helps speed up and simplify your database development process. Try Devart Entity Developer now and enjoy a better database development experience.



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Devart Entity Developer Pro v6.6.872 Download Full

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