5 Best PDF to JPG Converter Downloads for Mac

There are many advantages to using PDF as a standard file format for storing and distributing information, but still, we may need to convert PDF files to JPG format. Compared to the PDF format, JPG can be viewed easily with pre-installed applications on different platforms, and JPG files are smaller in size due to the lossy compression mode. To convert PDF to JPG documents is not complicated, but to maintain the original file quality without blurry images and text after conversion, you need the best PDF to JPG converter.

What is a JPEG file?

JPEG stands for Joint Photography Experts Group. The JPEG file type is one of the most widely used image file formats in the world. Capable of compressing impressive detail into a shareable file size, JPEGs are helpful in storing and sharing digital images. They are ideal for social content, emails, and blogs.

What is a PDF file?

PDF (Portable Document Format) can display a wide variety of documents – from bank statements to presentations to images and more. Its main strength is its universal format – meaning that PDF content will always display consistently across all devices. For this reason, printers prefer it because it keeps all page components intact and maintains image quality when enlarged. Despite its retention features, sometimes you need to convert pdf to imgae. You can visit theonlineconverter.com which loads a free version of pdf to jpg converter to convert pdf to jpg online.

1. Download PDFMate Pro PDF to JPG Converter for Mac:

PDFMate PDF Converter for Mac is a reliable and complete PDF converter that converts PDF files to the six most popular file formats, including Microsoft Word, Editable text, EPUB, Images, HTML, and SWF. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina. With the help of smart solutions, you can easily and conveniently browse your papers on portable devices.

PDFMate PDF Converter for Mac allows users to select a single page or a range of pages within a PDF file for conversion, allowing you to convert only the pages you want.

This PDF converter has the most advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology available for pdf to jpg conversion, which allows you to extract text and graphics from image-based PDF files and convert them into editable and selectable Microsoft Office Word files.

With advanced parameters, you can customize the pdf to jpg conversion. Selecting certain information or excluding certain parts of the PDF during conversion is also supported.

2. PDF Converter Pro:

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is an intuitive and powerful OCR-enabled program that allows you to convert PDF files to Word (doc), Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, Text, and Images.

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is an intuitive and effective app for converting PDF to JPG, Word (doc), Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, and Text. In addition, scanned PDFs can be converted! It is an ideal helper for business, school assignments, and reference sources, as well as for other occasions. The integrated OCR technology enables highly precise conversion of image-based PDFs to digital text-based forms. It enables editing of output text in Word, Excel, and other file formats, such as Text/Rich Text/Images in Word/Excel/PPT/EPUB/HTML (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF).

Additionally, Mac users can convert PDF files to iWork Pages with the Pro version.

3. PDF to JPG Converter Download PDF Expert for Mac:

PDF Expert has established itself as the go-to program for all PDF-related tasks, from simple reading and viewing to editing and even production. Users can edit text, graphics, and hyperlinks with stunning simplicity when using PDF Expert. In addition, it contains a variety of annotation tools for highlighting, strikethrough, underlining, and more.

In addition to PDF to JPG conversion, PDF Expert also makes it easy to fill out PDF forms with interactive fields. Meanwhile, the easy-to-use capabilities allow users to convert PDFs to most other popular file formats, edit photos imported from scanners or iOS devices, and merge multiple PDFs for printing.

In addition, the program enables unlimited remote PDF sharing on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, as well as password-protecting important documents.

In addition, PDF Expert has the necessary credentials to demonstrate its market leadership position, including Apple’s Editors’ Choice award, as well as App of the Year and top Paid App awards in the Mac App Store.

4. Download PDF Filler PDF to JPG Converter for Mac:

The PDF filter plugin allows you to edit, e-sign, print and fax PDF documents directly from search engine results and web pages. Create, edit and manage PDF documents for free at pdffiller.com, or by installing the PDF filter extension, pdf to jpg conversion is made easy.

Find the PDF form or document you need and quickly edit, annotate, sign and share it online with the feature-rich PDF editor of the PDF filter extension. Put an end to downloading and uploading documents, as well as the need to install expensive software. PDF Filler is a Mac plugin that lets you edit PDFs, generate fillable PDF forms, and share them online with others using any desktop or mobile device. Turn static PDFs into an interactive experience for both senders and recipients. Utilize PDFfiller’s complete document management solution to save time, money, and improve your team’s efficiency.

5. Prizmo PDF to JPG Converter Download for Mac:

Prizmo is a scanning tool that features OCR in 28 languages, advanced editing, text-to-speech, iCloud compatibility, and translation into 59 languages. Due to Prizmo’s support for VoiceOver, it is accessible to anyone.

Prizmo is essential for scanning and text recognition regardless of the capture equipment used. It works with images captured with your iPhone, iPad, or digital camera, as well as with documents scanned via a connected scanner or Wi-Fi. It allows you to quickly scan and process any document (invoices, receipts, boards, large advertisements, etc.).

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