Automatic Email Processor Ultimate v2.2.0 Free Download Full

By | September 11, 2019
Automatic Email Processor Ultimate

Untuk anda pengguna Outlook software Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Edition ini sangat tepat untuk anda menyimpan dan mencetak email masuk dan lampirannya secara otomatis. Fiturnya pun sangat banyak dapat anda manfaatkan untuk keperluan anda.

Features of Gillmeister Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Edition

  • save emails automatically (as PDF file or in the original format)
  • automatically print emails and email attachments (PDF files, Office documents etc.)
  • save attachments automatically (save all or certain attachments of an email by using a filter)
  • extract or print certain or all files from ZIP files
  • monitor an unlimited number of Outlook folders
  • create custom rules for different tasks
  • filter by subject, sender, recipient, attachment file name …
  • receive status reports by email, forward messages or inform the sender
  • use command line parameters: only one run, exit, catch-up
  • create storage folders dynamically from properties of an email
  • perform subsequent actions such as start a program with parameters, mark the message as read, or move the email into another Outlook folder
  • re-process all emails (with certain criteria) of an Outlook email folder
  • archive emails from any Outlook folder and period (e.g. as MSG files)
  • have the email moved to a different Outlook folder after processing and have subfolders generated dynamically from properties of the email
  • have an Excel report with an overview and detailed information sent to you on a regular basis
  • limit the automatic processing of email messages to certain days and times

Download Gillmeister Automatic Email Processor Ultimate Edition for PC Full

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