AMC Security – Antivirus Boost PRO v5.12.0 APK

By | October 28, 2015

AMC Security – Antivirus Boost PRO adalah aplikasi yang memiliki kepopuleran paling luas aplikasi ini tidak diragukan lagi dalam memberikan keamanan pada smartphone android anda dan juga dapat mengoptimasi kinerja smartphone anda apabila smartphone anda sering lemot. Ini adalah aplikasi yang dipublikasikan oleh iObit dan kini memiliki total download lebih dari 10 juta pengguna di seluruh dunia dan itu pun versi gratisnya tetapi kali ini anda dapat download versi PRO hanya di situs ini gratis untuk anda :).


  • Phone BoosterHelp kill applications that are running in the background and clean up your RAM (memory) to boost up your device with one tap.
  • Game BoosterImprove your gaming speed and experience and smooth game play without lagging.
  • Anti-PhishingIObit Cloud Services provides a plug-in which update in real time so that whenever you access a site that detected as phishing, it will help you keep the tricks outside.
  • Anti-TheftHelp lock and alarm your lost device immediately by sending a message with ‘alarm#’ and password from any other device. You still can locate and wipe data remotely if the above way failed to find your device.
  • Payment GuardHelp finds out copycat apps, so that you can uninstall them before money being stolen. Once you launch a payment app, it keeps protecting you all along in the background.
  • Surfing GuardBlock websites that contain malware, malicious URL and fraudulent content, and warn you instantly by IObit Cloud Services when heading to the danger.
  • Security GuardRemind you to enable Wi-Fi Security which can check Wi-Fi’s encryption way, ARP spoofing, and even MITM. Also it reviews other important device settings and gives insecure advice.



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