ProCapture 2.0 camera full Android APK

By | Agustus 4, 2014
ProCapture 2.0 camera full Android APK adalah aplikasi kamera untuk perangkat android dengan fitur yang sangat lengkap cocok untuk seorang fotografi. Anda dapat melihat lebih jelasnya di play store google dengan link dibawah ini:
  • Photo, Video, Wideshot, Panorama, and Photo Sphere shooting modes.
  • Wideshots, Panoramas, and Photo Spheres stitched from full resolution photos.
  • Timer and burst drive modes.
  • Reduced Noise+, Night+, and other scene modes.
  • Time lapse video.
  • Real-time on-screen RGB histogram.
  • Multiple aspect ratios: 1:1, 4:3, 3:2, 16:10, 16:9, and 2.35:1.
  • Camera composition aids: grid and Fibonacci spiral.
  • Volume buttons for zoom or photo capture.
  • Mute option (doesn’t work on all devices).
  • Complete help guide (tap the circle button next to the shutter).
  • and much more.


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