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By | October 2, 2014
MIXTRAX App adalah aplikasi yang dapat anda gunakan untuk mix lagu, aplikasi ini dapat menganalisis perpustakaan musik pada Android anda dan mudah mengkategorikan musik anda, jika anda suka untuk mengedit serta remix lagu maka anda dapat mencoba aplikasi ini, setiap musik dapat memiliki efek DJ virtual, anda dapat lihat di; play.google.com.mixtrax

Features of Mixtrax App

Non-Stop Mix Play 
  • Automatically creates playlists grouping music according to common characteristics.
  • Automatically selects tracks that share similar characteristics (tempo/melody).
  • Mixes your music with automatic matching of music tempo and beat.


  • Simply touch the track that is currently being played to create a new mix based on five different characteristics of the current track: Artist, Genre, Tempo, Age, All

Smart Shuffle

  • The order of tracks within a playlist can instantly be set to match the tempo or mood of the music you are currently listening to.

Mix Style

  • Choose from three types of mixes that offer different playback lengths and styles to create the ideal non-stop mix.

Mix Playlist

  • MIXTRAX can now turn an entire playlist into a unique non-stop mix, so your favorite playlists can now become your favorite mixes.


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Password: www.4allprograms.net
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