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By | Desember 2, 2019
SysTools SSD Data Recovery

SysTools SSD Data Recovery adalah software yang sangat handal dan powerfull untuk dapat membantu anda memulihkan file yang terhapus secara permanen, terformat, ataupun korup pada drive dengan format exFAT, FAT, dan NTFS partisi. Ini merupakan software yang sangat populer dan cukup digunakan oleh jutaan orang di seluruh dunia karena software ini benar-benar dapat dipercaya untuk memulihkan file secara total.

Features of SysTools SSD Data Recovery

Multimedia Data Recovery

Data recovery software is an expert when it comes to recovering lost and deleted multimedia files. Multimedia files include documents, images, and audio, video files. Using SysTools Data Recovery, all multimedia files can be restored.

External & Internal Drive Recovery

Data recovery application is capable of recovering accidentally or unintentionally removed data from any type of storage device. This program can be utilized to restore deleted or removed data from both internal and external drives.

Corrupted Data Recovery

Sometimes, users are in need of data recovery from corrupted and damaged files. This program can be used in those situations too. This data recovery tool can restore files even from the devices suffering high level of corruption.

Support Selective File Data Recovery

For users who need selective data recovery, this program contains that particular provision too. Users can search within the restored data and find out the files they need.

Supports NTFS and FAT File Formats

Data Recovery provides support for different types of file storage formats. The supported formats include FAT, ExFAT, and NTFS. Moreover, this data recovery program is compatible with all versions of FAT and NTFS file systems.

Restores Hard Deleted Data

Permanently deleted data is also called hard deleted data in technical form. Usually, restoration of permanently deleted data is considered as a complex task. With its state-of-the-art technology, permanently deleted data recovery is made easy by this software.

Preview Recovered Data Items

This data restoration application also allows previewing of deleted data after they are recovered from the selected disks/ drives. All restored data can be previewed before users can come up with the decision of which files and folders to recover.

Options for Data Extraction and Save

After the program retrieves all lost and deleted data, it provides options to extract and save these data. Users can select whichever file and folder they want to save in their local system and proceed with it.

Search Files from Recovered Data List

After successful recovery of lost data, you can search specific files by providing attributes. This data restore tool provides two options to search files. Either search files by providing date range or by file extension. It helps users to save only required files and folders from recovered list.

Short Recovered Items by Attributes

Once the data recovery process completed, the software will show you preview of all recovered data. Here the software enables you to short the resultant files according to Name, Created Date, Modified Date, Last Accessed Date and Size. Simply select the one attribute field and all files will be shorted according to that.

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