RGS-CardMaster 6.7.0

By | August 31, 2013

RGS-CardMaster is an application that allow you to manage and keep track of all your contacts, addresses, phonenumbers, fax, web, e-mail, info…! Add a photo to each card if wanted, and also add to your contacts their websites, emails, phone numbers, personal info etc.


  • Possible to add a photo to each card.
  • You can protect your database with a password.
  • Each card has an ´Info´ field.
  • You can print any card of the database or address labels with a Print Preview option.
  • Do Mailings in MS-Word with your addresses stored in RGS-CardMaster.
  • With the AutoDialer you can dial automatically or manual a phone number using MS-Phone Dialer (c)Microsoft or SKYPE.
  • Compatible with MS-Word Mailmerge and export to Excel, Dbase, Ascii…
  • Nice visual pleasing look and short learning time. 
  • Address layout can be changed to suit your country!


File Size : 2 MB
Type : Zip

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