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By | July 17, 2013
  • Deletes Internet Explorer History
  • Deletes Cache
  • Deletes “Visited URLs”
  • Deletes the Internet Explorer dropdown address list (Typed URLs)
  • Deletes Recent Document Links
  • Deletes Temp File Folders
  • Clears AutoComplete Forms
  • Clears Previous Searches
  • Deletes Cookies
  • Function to specify ‘good’ Cookies to keep
  • Deletes Stray URLs and Stray Files
  • Option for execution at Windows startup
  • Provides a Shortcut for one-button execution
  • Provides a “Secure Erase” option – max of 99 overwrites
  • Processes Vendor-supplied Plugins
  • Processes User-defined Plugins
  • Provides a Plugin Generator for users to create Plugins
  • Provides a Shortcut for executing Purge and shutting down Windows
  • Save separate Purge Options for execute at Windows Startup
  • Save separate Purge Options for one-button execution
  • Save separate Purge Options for execution with Windows Shutdown
  • Empties Windows Recycle Bin
  • Delete SuperCookies [UserData and DOMstore]
  • Preview function – to show what would be deleted
  • Choice of Full Detail or Summary for Preview and Purge Results
  • Functions without requiring a Windows restart
  • Emergency function for deleting IE’s ‘Index.dat’ files
  • Extensive Help file
  • Free Customer Support via Email
  • Free Upgrades for Registered users
  • Supports the Internet Explorer portion of AOL 
  • License permits installation on 2nd non-business computer
  • Site Licenses available
  • Site Licenses at 25% discount for Educational use


File Size : 1.4 MB
Type : exe
Author: Orizel Han

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