Moo0 RightClicker Pro v1.53 Ml Free Download Full

By | August 19, 2013
Moo0 RightClicker Pro is a set of enhancements on the context menu (right click menu) of Windows Explorer. It adds many useful functionalities like duplicating current explorer window, open/move to/copy to bookmarked folders, hiding default context menus, and so forth.



  • You can always show the rows or columns of the main context menu, such as “Send” in the “Setup”> “View”> ..
  • You can show all the menus available by right-clicking with the mouse SHIFT.
  • You can create a set of programs that are constantly in use, to run simultaneously.
  • Moo0 RightClicker Pro features:
  • Replaces the standard context menu
  • Duplicates the current browser window if desired
  • Has the ability to open, move, copy files to specific folders
  • Hides the main context menu on request
  • He has numerous settings
  • Intuitive interface



File Size : 7 MB
Type : exe
Author: Orizel Han

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