HiddeX 2.4

By | Agustus 30, 2013
Hiddex is easy-to-use security tool. It allows you to hide any window, program, browser or game in the background with one click or hotkey. The program instantly hides specified windows from your desktop and taskbar without closing them. Click ones to hide and ones more to restore all hidden windows without any loss. As HiddeX can mute the sound and hide the icon in the system tray.

  • Portable
  • Small file size
  • Restores the state of the windows
  • Hide windows of three types: name of the window, the window class and name process
  • Forced focus
  • Function preliminary minimization
  • Password protection



File Size : 265 KB
Type : Zip
Homepage: HiddeX
Author: Orizel Han

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