Fab’s AutoBackup Pro 7 Free Download Full

By | November 18, 2019
Fab’s AutoBackup Pro 7

Fab’s AutoBackup Pro adalah program utility yang sangat bermanfaat untuk membackup dan restore data dan settingan windows anda dengan sangat mudah. Ini sangat tepat digunakan ketika anda ingin reinstall ulang OS anda atau migrasi data.

Features of Fab’s AutoBackup Pro

  • Multiple user profiles handling at a time for backups , transfers and restore tasks (no need to log on with an account, make the backup, log out, log on with another account, make the backup, …)
  • Other hard drives than the current system drive can be selected. This feature allows data backup from damaged computer that would not start the usual way.
  • Direct users data transfer from the old hard drive (slaved or USB mounted) to the new computer. If needed, you can create users accounts directly from the program’s interface before performing the transfer.

Download Fab’s AutoBackup Pro for PC Full

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