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By | September 2, 2020

Acronis Cyber Backup adalah software backup data yang handal dengan teknologi enkripsi yang canggih dan inovatif dapat membuat data bakcup anda jauh lebih aman. Ini sangat direkomendasikan kepada para pelaku bisnis agar dapat melindungi beban kerja mereka dan software ini benar-benar mudah digunakan.

Kelebihan dari software ini yaitu mampu melindungi sumber data apa pun pada 20+ platform – virtual, fisik, cloud, dan seluler. Ini sudah banyak digunakan oleh perusahaan besar untuk backup data perusahaan yang jauh lebih aman.

Features of Acronis Cyber Backup

Proactive Ransomware Protection

Avoid downtime by actively protecting files from unauthorized modification and/or encryption. Acronis Active Protection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and white-listing to keep your data safe.

Instant Restore

Manage your recovery time objectives (RTO) and minimize process disruption to seconds, all while maintaining your company’s overall productivity with our unique runVM technology.

Complete Protection

Keep your infrastructure and data completely secure, whether you’re facing growing amounts of data, adopting new business processes, or migrating to new applications, platforms or cloud. Acronis Cyber Backup protects 20+ platforms – physical, virtual, cloud or mobile.

Blockchain Notarization

Ensure data integrity with our innovative blockchain-based Acronis Notary technology which prevents damage to or tampering with your files by attacks targeting archive files.

Unmatched Simplicity

Save on licensing, education, integration and daily operations with a simple, scalable tool that manages any data protection task. Our easy-to-learn solution protects data with less effort, so IT generalists can perform backup tasks efficiently.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Manage all forms of data protection within one workflow through a centralized management and unified control interface. Back up to any kind of storage and recover any piece of data easily with minimum downtime.

Adapun beberapa software backup versi lainnya dari Acronis yang dapat anda coba untuk keperluan anda yang berbeda dibawah ini;

Download Acronis Cyber Backup Full for PC

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